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Urology One has extensive experience in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

When something changes in your urinary system, it can be scary, painful, and a sign of a serious health condition. Don’t ignore your symptoms. Have them evaluated by an experienced, patient-focused urologist.

Urology One is dedicated to leading the way in urological care in northeast Ohio by putting you at the center of our practice. We serve you by utilizing leading technology and attentive care to best diagnose and treat conditions of your urinary tract and reproductive system. Find comfort and effective treatment with Urology One.

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Our Urology Specialists

The providers and staff at Urology One are committed to provide care for their patients that they would expect for their own family members. Because no two patients are alike the providers at Urology One tailor your treatment plan to fit your individual medical and social circumstances. Our physicians  are well trained and experienced in discussing and providing the options available for your condition.

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Overcome Your Urological Condition with Urology One

No one deserves to be in pain, embarrassed or isolated due to issues caused by their urinary system. Find the relief you deserve in a caring and inviting setting at Urology One. Urologists Dr. Bechara George Tabet, Dr. David G. Heiser and Dr. Steven Ochs are on your side and ready to discuss your symptoms and guide you through your treatment options. Contact us today with your questions or schedule an appointment.

BPH Treatment for men

BPH Treatment

Are trips to the bathroom painful and irregular? Learn more about BPH to find out if your prostate is complicating your ability to urinate. Read more here!
BPH: Find Relief Today!
UroLift® Treatment


Urology One specializes in providing minimally-invasive treatment for BPH -- Urolift. Learn if UroLift from Urology One is the right treatment for your BPH here.
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Kidney Stones Treatment

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are an unwelcome surprise that can send you to the emergency room and put you in a tremendous amount of pain. Learn more about kidney stones and the steps to take when you’re concerned that you’re suffering from a kidney stone.
Learn More About Kidney Stones
Incontinence Problems


Urinary incontinence disrupts your life and causes you to lose control of your bladder. Learn about this condition and your options from Urology One. Find out if our specialists can help you!
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Prostate Cancer

Overactive Bladder

Stop wondering how many trips to the bathroom you’ll be forced to make today. A treatment called is accessible, and provides a safe, minimally-invasive alternative to surgery.
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Vasectomy Options

Vasectomy Procedure

Have you decided that your family is complete? Explore what getting a vasectomy will entail and the risks and benefits. Explore your options and make the best choice you can with the help of our Urology Experts
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Here’s Why Our Patients Love Us...

Quotes from our satisfied patients
Five Stars!

"The first thing that impressed me was [Dr. Ochs'] kind, gentle nature. He treats you in a caring respectful manner. He takes time to answer questions and draw little illustrations if needed. He has a sense of humor and really puts patients at ease.He is one of the leaders in robotics in the area. I highly recommend him!"

Great Office!
Quotes from our satisfied patients

"[Dr. Ochs is] very competent, knowledgeable, always professional without being stuffy or condescending. Excellent communication skills. A good listener, patient, explains things clearly and concisely. Have been a patient for more than five years and am very happy with this Doctor!"

I will continue to see Dr. Heiser.
Quotes from our satisfied patients

"Dr. Heiser is very good at what he does and helped me through a tough time with compassion and kindness. He took the time to always explain what would be going on and the hopeful outcome. His office visits are on the long side but that is because there are many patients and I believe he is trying to take the time necessary with each one. He also has other staff there that can help also and have been very helpful to me. I will continue to see Dr. Heiser as I need."

Great Office!
Quotes from our satisfied patients

"I've been a patient of Dr. Heiser's for many many years now. The office staff is amazing, they have a good call back speed."

Exceptional Urologic Patient Care
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