UroLift®: What It Is and Why It Works

Surgery is not your only option for relief from BPH

Has Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) turned bathroom breaks into a guessing game? You should know when you need to urinate, and do so without struggling to empty your bladder or feeling pain.

BPH takes away your freedom and adds aggravating symptoms to your life. Many of the millions of BPH sufferers turn to surgery due to the burden symptoms place on their daily activities and overall quality of life.

But a growing number of men with BPH are opting for a minimally-invasive procedure that avoids many of the complications that can result due to surgery, including impotence.

Learn more about the condition, what happens if you continue to suffer from BPH, and how you can undergo a minor procedure to free yourself from the symptoms caused by BPH below. Or, to act now, schedule an appointment with Dr. Steven Ochs at Urology One today!

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What is BPH - Benign Prostate Hyperplasia?

If you have Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH), you’re likely aware of exactly what it is. BPH is a condition that can be diagnosed by a urologist. It is a noncancerous condition caused by an enlarged prostate. As you age, your prostate grows. When that growth begins to put pressure on your urethra, the urethra has a tough time performing its job, which is emptying your bladder. When you can’t properly empty your bladder, you experience symptoms, explained in greater detail below.

What happens if you don’t take action against your BPH?

You’re here because you have BPH or you believe you have BPH, and you don’t want your symptoms to continue or worsen, which is possible as your prostate continues to grow in size. If your BPH goes unaddressed, you may start to experience more of the following symptoms, or at a more severe level:

  • Pain when urinating
  • Burning
  • Weak streams
  • No control over your urinary system
  • The urge to urinate immediately
  • Leaking and dribbling

Don’t allow your BPH to worsen. Stop it in its tracks with effective treatment from your urologist.

Say goodbye to burning, pain, and weak streams with the UroLift® procedure

Life shouldn’t include having to constantly worry about the impact your prostate is having on your life. Once you address your enlarged prostate with the right procedure, you can finally forget about it. That procedure is UroLift®.

UroLift®, performed in our office here at Urology One, is a simple, minimally-invasive procedure designed to prevent your BPH from affecting your life. Nearly instantly after the procedure is completed, you will be able to urinate properly, and without undergoing a risky and painful surgery.

Press pause on your suffering today.

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UroLift®: How it Can Work For You

Your BPH is caused by your enlarged prostate, which puts pressure on your urethra. UroLift® removes that pressure by lifting the prostate off and away from your urethra.

UroLift® is inserted using a UroLift® Delivery Device, and small implants are placed into the obstructed area. The implants prevent the prostate from putting pressure on the urethra, and then the Delivery Device is taken out.

Once the Delivery Device is removed, the UroLift® implants will remain to keep your urethra unobstructed and allow your urinary system to work properly once again!

Overcome BPH with Urology One

BPH can be a difficult condition to live with, but it doesn’t have to be. With the UroLift® treatment from our physicians at Urology One, you can say goodbye to endless bathroom trips, squeezing out single drops, and straining at the urinal.

Known for his expertise in treating urological conditions, including BPH, with UroLift® and for his excellent record providing attentive care, Dr. Ochs will answer your questions, explore your options, and work with you to find the right treatment plan. After the procedure, he will follow up with you to see how you’re doing and make sure you’re no longer dealing with the troublesome symptoms your BPH has brought into your world.

Say “no more” to your BPH.

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