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Dr. Bechara George Tabet, Dr. David G. Heiser, Dr. Steven Ochs and their staff of caring urology specialists have experience treating the following conditions:

Kidney Stones

Are you suffering from kidney stones? While it requires the care of an experienced urologist to diagnose your issue, there are common symptoms that may have led you to believe that your pain is stemming from kidney stones, which is a very painful and problematic issue.

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Kidney stone removal and treatment

BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia)

BPH is a noncancerous condition that happens when your prostate grows, which is common with age. When your prostate grows, it can put pressure on your urethra. When pressure is placed on your urethra, urinating is difficult. Your stream will have trouble starting and stopping, and your flow can become irregular.

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Successfully treat BPH with Urolift


You don’t have to put your happiness on hold because of urinary incontinence. Explore your options with Dr. Bechara George Tabet, Dr. David G. Heiser, and Dr. Steven Ochs from Urology One today by requesting an appointment or learning more about your condition.

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Treatment for incontinence


Imagine your sex life with your partner without restrictions. This is possible with a safe, effective vasectomy from Urology One. To learn about the procedure, schedule an appointment with Urology One today.

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Vasectomy Procedure

Prostate Cancer

Our physicians will examine your condition, discuss treatment options, and agree to an effective treatment plan with you. Urology One will then serve as your support and treatment partner, helping you succeed and beat your prostate cancer.

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Reliable prostate cancer treatment
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