Botox for Male Urge Incontinence

Is Urge Incontinence Putting Pressure on Your Life? Find Relief with Drs. Bechara George Tabet, David G. Heiser and Steven Ochs

Urge incontinence results in unpredictable spurts of needing to urinate. These spurts can surface quickly and result in urinating whether or not you’re ready, and regardless of if you’re near a bathroom or not.

Are you suffering from urge incontinence?  Your body and condition are both unique and require specialized care. The good news is that incontinence is rarely permanent. Learn more about your incontinence and our approach to your care here.

Are you ready to stop urge incontinence from controlling your life? Discuss Botox for male urge incontinence with the specialists at Urology One. Request your appointment or continue reading about how Botox for male urge incontinence can help increase your enjoyment of life and decrease frustrating emergency sprints to the bathroom.

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How Choosing to Suffer from Incontinence Complicates Your Happiness

You didn’t choose to have incontinence, but you can choose to put an end to it. Urge incontinence comes with uncertainty. You can’t possibly know when it will strike, making you question, “will I be able to make it to the bathroom on time?” Having this thought in the back of your mind takes up space that could be occupied by happier thoughts.

Happiness requires certainty and trust. You deserve to be certain that you can make it to the bathroom before leaking, and be able to trust your body to perform. Botox for male urge incontinence may be able to bring you the certainty you need and build trust between you and your body to make life easier and more enjoyable.

What is Botox for Male Urge Incontinence?

Your urge incontinence may stem from having bladder muscles that are overactive and uncontrollable. Botox (Botulinum toxin) can relax your bladder muscles. This enables your bladder to restore control and store more urine without it sending signals that you need to urinate immediately when you’re not expecting it.

Botox for male urge incontinence includes receiving several Botox injections from an experienced and board-certified urologist. Botox injections for male urge incontinence are injected into your bladder. The substance will allow the bladder to relax and not contract, restoring your ability to hold a larger amount of urine in your bladder.

Botox for urge incontinence is:

  • Fast
  • A minor procedure
  • Less invasive than surgery
  • Known to be effective
  • A preferred treatment for urge incontinence patients ages 60+
  • Not associated with the same side effects of medication

Botox injections can treat your urge incontinence for approximately six months before needing another treatment. Discuss the benefits, risks, and side effects of Botox for male incontinence by speaking with the specialists at Urology One, who are experienced in helping male and female patients find relief from urge incontinence.

Inject Relief into Your Life with Urology One

Whatever the cause of your incontinence is, Urology One can help you find the answers you need and start the treatment plan that will resolve your issues. Drs. Bechara George Tabet, David G. Heiser and Steven Ochs will observe your body and symptoms, ask questions about your incontinence, conduct an exam, and determine the cause of your incontinence. After the cause is located, we will work together to find the right treatment.

We have decades of experience treating incontinence, kidney stones, prostate cancer, and other urological conditions. We have built our name and practice on bringing patients like you comfort and relief by answering your questions and performing effective and minimally-invasive procedures.

Many patients have found urge incontinence relief through Botox

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