Cryoablation Prostate Cancer Treatment

Stop Prostate Cancer cold in its tracks with Cryoablation from Urology One

There are few feelings worse than being diagnosed with cancer, and few better than being in remission or being told that you’re free and clear of cancer. Unfortunately, cancer can return.

Men with prostate cancer, when it’s found and treated early (localized prostate cancer), have a survival rate of nearly 100% (1). This means that almost all men with early-stage prostate cancer who seek out treatment live for a minimum of five years after diagnosis. However, prostate cancer can return even after successful treatment. The probability of prostate cancer returning is between 5-40% (1). Learn more about prostate cancer and Urology One’s approach to your treatment here.

Has prostate cancer returned into your life? Are traditional treatments for prostate cancer no longer an option for you?

Whether you’re battling prostate cancer for the second time or are not able to receive radiation treatment or surgery, you have options and an important decision to make. Take the first step towards proper treatment by scheduling your initial appointment with Drs. Bechara George Tabet, David G. Heiser and Steven Ochs of Urology One to discuss cryoablation treatment.

Get Cancer Treatment through cryoablation at Urology One.

What is Cryoablation, and how can it help you battle back against Prostate Cancer?

Cancer cells are trying to grow and spread throughout your body. Cryoablation kills these cancer cells. Cryoablation (salvage prostate cryoablation), sometimes miscategorized as “cryosurgery,” is a prostate cancer treatment that utilizes frigid temperatures to prevent the spread of prostate cancer cells and stop the growth of the prostate.

Cryoablation is:

  • Minimally-invasive, and not “surgery”
  • A recommended treatment for when prostate cancer returns
  • Designed to freeze the prostate
  • Known to kill cancer cells in the prostate
  • Associated with less pain and shorter hospital stays than alternative treatments

How Does Cryoablation Prostate Cancer Treatment Work?

When you choose the cryoablation procedure to treat your prostate cancer, the treatment will be completed in six steps:

  1. Epidural anesthesia is administered, numbing part of your body
  2. Small needles are inserted into the prostate
  3. The needles facilitate cold gases going to your prostate to freeze it and the cancer cells located inside
  4. During the procedure, the prostate is observed by your doctor to ensure it is properly treated while avoiding having the cold gasses impact nearby tissues and organs
  5. The urethra is kept warm with salt water to prevent it from freezing
  6. Depending on the advice of your doctor, you may be advised to stay in the hospital for a single night to recover

To learn what you can expect from the procedure, including potential risks and side effects, schedule an appointment with urologist Dr. Steven Ochs at Urology One in Canton, Ohio.

Prostate Cancer treatment may not always work the first time. Urology One will find the option that works for you.

Find Freedom from Prostate Cancer with Urology One

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer feels like a prison sentence. It doesn’t have to be that way. Partner with Urology One’s expert urology specialists who have a long, successful track record guiding patients past their conditions, including prostate cancer.

We will examine the state of your condition, discuss your treatment options with you, and form an effective treatment plan. Urology One will be your support and treatment partner, helping you work to beat prostate cancer again.

Request your appointment with Urology One today to learn if cryoablation is the right procedure to treat your prostate cancer.

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