Hormone Therapy to Treat Prostate Cancer

When prostate cancer spreads, fight back with Hormone Therapy from Urology One

Prostate cancer is treatable, and there is a near 100% survival rate (5-year minimum) when treated early. But as we’ve learned from experience, every case of prostate cancer is unique. The right treatment for you might not be effective for someone else. And while others may undergo a single type of treatment, a comprehensive approach using several forms of treatment might be best for you. The key to your success is working with an experienced and attentive team of urological experts.

As cancer begins to spread, the aggressiveness and effectiveness of treatment becomes vital. If your prostate cancer continues to lurk around or has grown despite your best efforts to treat it, hormone therapy can play a key role in moving you past this condition to enjoy all life has to offer. Are you ready to get well? Learn more about how hormone therapy can slow down or stop your prostate cancer.

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What is Hormone Therapy and how can it help you fight prostate cancer?

Hormone Therapy, also known as ADT (androgen-deprivation therapy), reduces the amount of testosterone released in your body. Prostate cancer is affected by testosterone, meaning that cancer thrives off of your hormones. Hormone therapy complicates your cancer’s ability to live and grow by depriving it of the hormones (testosterone) it needs. Although there are cancer cells that can grow independently of testosterone, hormone therapy is a highly effective method of slowing prostate cancer growth.

How to Tell if You’re a Candidate for Hormone Therapy to Treat Prostate Cancer

Hormone therapy is a tool that can be used to fight prostate cancer with. This may be the right tool to fight your prostate cancer if you:

  • Have had your prostate cancer grow beyond your prostate
  • Will have surgery on your prostate
  • Seek to reduce the size of the tumor
  • Have had prostate cancer treatment in the past and cancer has returned

Hormone Therapy Treatment Options

Hormone therapy for prostate cancer is also known as androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). By depriving the prostate of hormones (testosterone), the cancer will not be able to feed off of these hormones and continue to thrive and grow. Popular and effective hormone treatment options include:

  • Medications

    LHRH Agonists: Medication that is injected or implanted in the skin, and designed to lower testosterone produced by the testicles.

    LHRH Antagonists: Medication that is injected, and designed to prevent the testicles from producing androgens by blocking the pituitary gland from making FSH and luteinizing hormone (LH).

    Anti-Androgens: Medication, often injected, that assists in blocking testosterone from reaching prostate cancer cells.

  • Orchiectomy

    The removal of one or two testicles to reduce the level of testosterone.

Many patients have been helped through Hormone Therapy Treatment

Before starting hormone treatments to address your prostate cancer, discuss the benefits, potential risks, and side effects with Drs. Bechara Tabet, David Heiser, and Steven Ochs of Urology One.

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What to Expect with the Team at Urology One

We will examine your condition, discuss treatment options, and form an effective treatment plan. Urology One will be your support and treatment partner, helping you work to beat prostate cancer one step at a time.

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