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Take action against advanced prostate cancer with Urology One

Do you have late-stage prostate cancer? If so, not only is your body under attack, disrupting your health - your worries and their strain on your life make even your best days difficult. You deserve to get the most out of every day you have left.

Keep fighting. Prostate cancer treatment PROVENGE® was created to slow the spread of cancer cells by attacking them. Schedule your appointment today with Urology One's team or continue reading below about what you can expect with PROVENGE®.

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Take steps to treat your advanced prostate cancer with PROVENGE®.

What do you have left to accomplish?

Therapies designed to fight advanced prostate cancer are different than those used to slow down and stop early-stage prostate cancer. Early-stage prostate cancer patients have a near 100% survival rate, meaning when cancer is treated early, patients almost always live at least 5 years after diagnosis.

The goal of advanced prostate cancer therapy is to maintain the best quality of life for as long as possible. PROVENGE® can help you work towards your goals and assist you in improving and maintaining all the life you have left to live.

What is PROVENGE® and how can it treat your prostate cancer?

PROVENGE® is the first immunotherapy to treat prostate cancer. Immunotherapy, according to the American Cancer Society (1), is “treatment that uses certain parts of a person’s immune system to fight diseases such as cancer.” This can be done by stimulating a person’s immune system to attack cancer cells, or by providing an immune system with additional components, which can include man-made proteins.

PROVENGE® (sipuleucel-T), a therapeutic cancer treatment that attacks prostate cancer cells, acts as a vaccine, and is FDA approved. Although it acts as a vaccine, PROVENGE® is not preventative, and works against active cancer cells.

Are you a candidate for PROVENGE®?

Not all prostate cancer treatments are suitable for each patient. You may benefit from PROVENGE® if you:

  • Have late-stage prostate cancer.
  • Are no longer responding to hormone therapy.
  • Are recommended by a urologist for the treatment.


Using your blood, PROVENGE® engages your immune system in recognizing and attacking cancer cells in your prostate. The process starts by removing white blood cells and creating the vaccine. The treatment is then administered. This is replicated and completed three times.

PROVENGE® helps lengthen your life and has minimal side effects. Although it is not considered to be a cure for cancer and is not likely to stop cancer from growing, this treatment can extend the time you have left.

Patient discussing PROVENGE® with urologist

Don’t Waste Your Time, Extend it with PROVENGE®.

Dr. Bechara Tabet, Dr. David Heiser, and Dr. Steven Ochs are prepared to help you consider your options and discuss if PROVENGE® can treat your advanced prostate cancer. They are experienced urologists with over 20 years of success in treating conditions, including late-stage prostate cancer. These board-certified experts are highly recommended by patients for providing an excellent patient experience and for answering patient questions.

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