Robotic Assisted Prostatectomy

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How do you plan to survive and move past your prostate cancer? When agreeing to a treatment plan, you need to consider the risks associated with most surgical procedures. However, with advanced technology and experienced surgeons, those risks can be reduced and recovery times lessened.

There are many cancer treatments to explore. Finding the right treatment for you and the best surgeon and team to lead that treatment can make all the difference. If your prostate cancer has yet to spread beyond your prostate, removing the prostate can completely rid your body of prostate cancer.

Read below to learn how a robot assisted prostatectomy can remove your prostate cancer without the risks and recovery associated with traditional prostatectomy procedures. Or, move forward with your life and take action against prostate cancer now by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Bechara George Tabet, Dr. David G. Heiser and Dr. Steven Ochs from Urology One below.

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What is Robotic Assisted Prostatectomy, and how can it fight prostate cancer for you?

A prostatectomy, a common procedure to treat prostate cancer, involves removing the prostate gland and surrounding tissues from the body. Robotic assisted prostatectomy, as the name implies, uses a robotic instrument, and is:

  • Minimally-invasive
  • Delivered with the advanced da Vinci® Surgical System
  • Overseen by a trained and experienced surgeon and team (Dr. Bechara George Tabet, Dr. David G. Heiser and Dr. Steven Ochs at Urology One)
  • Completed with reduced pain, less blood loss, and followed by a shorter hospital stay when compared to more invasive procedures

How Robotic-Assisted Prostatectomy Works

A robotic-assisted prostatectomy, guided by a surgeon, uses the da Vinci® Surgery System to remove the prostate and nearby tissues. In preparation for the procedure, general anesthesia and antibiotics (to prevent infection) are administered. The procedure will generally follow these steps:

  • Incisions are made in the abdomen
  • The da Vinci® system, controlled by the surgeon, uses small instruments to go into the incisions
  • The surgeon carefully removes the prostate and other necessary tissues
  • Suturing after removal will be performed to reduce the chances of complications
  • At the conclusion of the procedure, you will be monitored and instructed on all aspects of recovery and pain management

Due to the large incisions made during traditional prostatectomy procedures and due to the surgeon’s hands needing to work inside of the body, a robotic assisted prostatectomy offers significant benefits in precision, reducing risks, and recovery. For details on the benefits, risks, and side effects of a robotic assisted prostatectomy, schedule an appointment with Urology One today.

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A robotic-assisted prostatectomy gives you access to industry-leading technology that will be led by our experts. If you want the effectiveness of a prostatectomy without a long and painful recovery, it’s time to discuss a robotic-assisted prostatectomy with Urology One.

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