Sacral Nerve Stimulation: InterStim™ for Urinary Incontinence

Reject Incontinence and its effect on your life with Dr. Bechara Tabet, Dr. David Heiser and Dr. Steven Ochs from Urology One

Are you in control of your urinary tract system, or is it controlling you? When you’re suffering from incontinence, you’re never in complete control. And when you’re not in control, you’re likely to experience frequent leaks and the need to change pads, pants, and your plans.

Incontinence is a natural condition that develops with age, because of a procedure, or due to a health condition. But just because your body can no longer stop urine from staying in your bladder, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept it. Learn more about your incontinence and our approach to your care here.

If you’re unexpectedly releasing urine, schedule an appointment with Urology One. You will learn more about your condition, treatment options, including sacral nerve stimulation with InterStim®, and how we can bring you long-term relief.

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Incontinence can have a very embarrassing and sometimes painful effect on a woman's life

What is InterStim® Sacral Nerve Stimulation Therapy, and how does it prevent urinary incontinence?

InterStim® is a sacral nerve stimulation therapy that allows you to regain bladder and bowel control. When an overactive bladder is causing incontinence, InterStim®, which is a small device placed near the pelvis, engages with the sacral nerves, stimulating them through pulses.

The sacral nerves control your bladder and bowel, and allow certain pelvic functions. A neurostimulator and lead in the device work together to stimulate the sacral nerve electrically, restoring proper neural activity, meaning that your brain and bladder will be in sync, enabling your urinary system to function properly.

The InterStim®  system is:

  • Reversible
  • Designed to send electrical impulses to the sacral nerves
  • Conducted with a small device
  • Capable of lessening or stopping incontinence and other bladder-related issues

The InterStim® device is inserted in the body through a minimally-invasive procedure conducted under anesthesia.

Are you a candidate for Sacral Nerve Stimulation?

Signs you may be a perfect candidate for sacral nerve stimulation through InterStim® include:

  • You have an overactive bladder
  • You have urge incontinence
  • Other treatments have not worked for you
  • You do not have an obstruction (BPH, cancer, urethral stricture)

Before receiving the InterStim® system as a long-term treatment for incontinence, you will be tested during an evaluation, which will reveal if you will benefit from the system. You may also be asked to try medication and therapy before being considered as a candidate for InterStim®. Get started by scheduling an appointment with Urology One in Canton, Ohio.

Stimulate Relief with Urology One

If parts of your body are struggling to do their job, they’re in need of a boost. The InterStim® system can give your urinary system that boost.

We are experienced in treating incontinence and implementing the InterStim® system in patients. Our experts have decades of experience researching and successfully treating urinary issues. We will analyze your condition and symptoms, determine the cause of your incontinence if not already known, and work with you to create a plan for success.

Your symptoms don’t have to last a lifetime. Separate yourself from urinary incontinence. Request your appointment with Urology One.

The InterStim® system can give you back control over your urination
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