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Your sex life plays a vital role in the health of your romantic relationships. When there is risk and uncertainty, it’s hard for either of you to relax and enjoy. When you’re concerned about the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy, performance and your connection with your partner can suffer. Improve your sex life by making the ultimate move for love - getting a vasectomy.

Have you considered getting a vasectomy to become the hero in your relationship and add a new, risk and worry-free dynamic to the bedroom?

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What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a minor procedure that prevents a male’s sperm from joining the semen that is present during ejaculation. For you, this means that without sperm in your semen, sperm cannot travel into the fallopian tube and fertilize an egg, resulting in pregnancy.

After you have a vasectomy, semen will still eject from your penis just as it did before, however, sperm, and the high risk of impregnating your partner, will be missing.

Since sperm does not add much fluid to your semen, you will not notice a significant change in your ejaculate, and neither will your partner.

Vasectomies are a safe form of birth control that hundreds of thousands of men sign up to receive every year in order to bring something extra into their relationship without forcing their partner to undergo a major procedure or adding to an already completed family. In other words, your partner will likely love you more for the commitment you’ve made to her by undergoing this minor procedure.

Why Your Partner Will Love Your Vasectomy

There are reasons many women love men who have had a vasectomy. Here at Urology One, the partner’s of our patients have told us that they enjoy the following benefits:

  • No birth control needed
  • Effectiveness (>99%)
  • They experience no side effects from their partner’s vasectomy, unlike procedures they would endure
  • There is a one-time cost
  • Their partner took charge in the situation and committed to it

What can you expect when getting a vasectomy?

Vasectomies have changed over the years. They have shifted from a painful procedure with a long recovery period to a very safe, effective procedure completed in a doctor’s office. Most of our vasectomy patients are able to return to work almost immediately after the procedure. We recommend slowly transitioning back into your work and sex life to give your body a few days to adapt to the minor change.

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